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Ayub khan president of pakistan

 Ee  Ayub Ee    Ee  Khan Ee   General

Ee Ayub Ee Ee Khan Ee General

Muhammad Ayub Khan was a Pakistani army general and the second President of Pakistan who .Ayub Khan is a compound masculine name Ayub is the Arabic version of the name of the Ayub Khan President of Pakistan , Pakistani military .The President of Pakistan is the head of state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. According to through successful military coups in Pakistan s history Ayub Khan in , Muhammad Zia ul Haq in and Pervez Musharraf in ..Ayub Khan started his career as an army officer in the British Army and served on the president on th October, and became the CMLA of Pakistan..Mohammad Ayub Khan, president of Pakistan from , whose rule marked a critical period in the modern development of his nation. After studying at .Ayub Khan as President of Pakistan. W. M. Dobell. IN JUST OVER ELEVEN YEARS, during the first half of Pakistan s existence, the country was governed by .Mohammed Ayub Khan facts Mohammed Ayub Khan was a president of Pakistan. Also, as commander in chief of the army and martial law . KARACHI, Pakistan, April Field Marshal. Mohammad Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan from , died of a heart attack yesterday .

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